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Eating healthy on a cheap budget

Eating healthy on a cheap budget

FTX's European subsidiary was built on top of a binary options scam

FTX's European subsidiary was built on top of a binary options scam submitted by hydroza to Buttcoin [link] [comments]

FTX's European subsidiary was built on top of a binary options scam

FTX's European subsidiary was built on top of a binary options scam submitted by tdtwedt to Wallstreetsilver [link] [comments]

Are there any truly verified great Binary option traders as in Binary options Wizards?

I am just curious for all experienced options traders, who are are the best fully documented Binary options traders alive? I have searched without much concrete results. I read a copy of Anna Collings book that hints it is possible to make a living of off BO if done right. And I heard from Cam (Tradingnut) mentioned a successful trader who eventually switched to forex when his country (UK) banned BO. Other than that anecdotally I saw some social media posts where people said they make money. Just curious . For context I am a developing trader mainly in forex (swing trading) at the moment. My interest in BO is just for practice run as I learn vanilla options to hedge my downside fx risk. Thanks all for time and feedback in advance.
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Gamers upset, because Baldur's Gate 3 introduces Non-Binary as gender option

Gamers upset, because Baldur's Gate 3 introduces Non-Binary as gender option submitted by TheUnknown2903 to Gamingcirclejerk [link] [comments]

adding non binary options is a big step in the right direction

Im really glad that they added non binary option and they/them pronouns , there are alot of people that wanted this option and it helps them get immersed even more
this shows that larian is thinking about the entire community
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The Latest Top Ten Binary Options Deposits Index is Dominated by African Countries

The Latest Top Ten Binary Options Deposits Index is Dominated by African Countries submitted by NewsCryptocurrency to Cryptotodaynews [link] [comments]

Best Binary Option Broker?

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Is it difficult to get top surgery as a genderfluid/non-binary individual, what steps could/should I take and what other options could I consider if this is the case?

Hi. I’m AFAB, 16 and I’m non-binary and genderfluid. I don’t want to medically transition in terms of hormones, but I’m considering getting top surgery in the future. It’s not something I’m fully set on, but I want to keep it as an option.
After researching binders, it wouldn’t be safe for me considering my chest size nor my schedule, though the latter may change. The former also means that baggy clothes do little to hide if.
At best, I feel neutral about my chest. At worst, the existence and prominence of it makes me feel awful. Even when my gender is, on occasion, more feminine than neutral or masculine or whatever, I wouldn’t miss it. I often feel most comfortable when it is more hidden or looks smaller than my stomach (oh the joys of being chubby).
I know it’s difficult enough for binary trans individuals here in terms of medical transitioning, and that it’s even more so for non-binary transitioners.
How difficult would it be for me to get top surgery? What steps should/could I take? What other options could/should I consider?
Feel free to either reply yourself or leave some links to sites that offer support.
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What are your thoughts on binary options?

I know they are not regulated in many counties, but I started around 10 days ago on a platform that is well known and “trusted” in the community of binary options traders. I started with a demo account to then switch to a real money account, by depositing 100€. In 4 days I doubled the account bringing it to 207€ and I withdrew the profit (107€). So far so good, but I read people complaining about not being able to withdraw more or less big amounts. So I was wondering if as long as one “flies low”, by not exaggerating, not earning too much and withdrawing an acceptable sum (my idea would be 1000€ a week), things would work just fine. Has anybody had experiences with binary options? Thank you.
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How much do you earn monthly on average by trading binary options?

I would like to get some numbers from you guys. Start by specifying what brokebrokers you are using. Then; tell us how much you earn on average Monthly and, even more important, how much you are withdrawing each time. So we will compare the answers to see what is the average amount that you can withdraw safely, without the risk of having your account blocked (apparently, as I read, there is such risk). Only HONEST answers please, don’t lie.
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SoS: A Wonderful Life will feature same sex marriage and a non-binary option for the player. Let’s go!

SoS: A Wonderful Life will feature same sex marriage and a non-binary option for the player. Let’s go! submitted by xSethrin to storyofseasons [link] [comments]

can anyone suggest some good binary option discord server or telegram group

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Schools in one of my country's provinces now added "trans", "non-binary" and "crossdresser" as option for the kid's gender.

Article (In spanish):
So basically schools in Buenos Aires province, in Argentina, now added that when you register your kid you can now choose trans, non-binary and "travesti" as their gender.
So a few things with that. First the idea of putting "trans" as a separate gender. Like seriously, that is something completely unnecessary. Being transgender is not a separate gender, it is rather a condition. A trans person can be a man, a woman or non-binary but it is not exclusionary with "trans". Adding trans as a separate gender from male and female just adds more confusion and makes binary trans people look like if we are not real women/men, in other words, it just hurts our community more.
Regarding the non-binary inclusion I have no problems with it. Some people argue it would be better to be left simply as "male, female, other", but meh, I don't think it is an issue.
But the worst thing for me, is the inclusion of "travesti" as an option. Now, travesti would pretty much translate as "crossdresser", so we already see the problem there. Basically, if you are a cis man who dresses with typically female clothes, or a cis woman who dresses with typically male clothes, then you are suddenly a separate gender. But that's not the worst thing. Travesti is a word with a very negative connotation here. It is usually associated with prostitutes and drag. Basically, it can (And usually is) be used as meaning "sissy" basically. So they are literally adding "crossdressesissy" as an option for parents to register their kids when entering school. What sane parent would call their kid a "sissy" or a "crossdresser", specially if they are in elementary school age?
So those are my thoughts on this. I would want to know yours. I personally think this does nothing more than to worsen the image people have of trans people in my country, by making it as if binary trans people are not real men or women, and giving association with several negative stereotypes associated with crossdressing (Which should't exist by the way, I have nothing against crossdressing, just pointing out a reality), while also basically giving a completely stupid decision to make.
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Regarding the haters going on about non-binary option being inclusive. Y'all have bigger problems if something as small as this triggers you like it's the end of the world.

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Why would a binary options broker be happy if people are earning money?

I created an account on Quotex, after reading on the internet that at the moment is one of the best brokers for binary options. But I also read a few people complaining about not being able to withdraw their money, and a couple of them were talking about pretty big amounts. My question is: what is a broker, in this case Quotex, gaining in return when I am winning? Potentially with just 1000$ one can earn even 700/800$, with a single operation. IF a person is winning much, what is the broker gaining? It should be bad for them. Let’s make an example, just to understand. I know that you can lose and there are high chances to do so, but it’s just an example and let’s take it as something hypothetical: I allocated only 100$ dollars in my account, I plan to make one single operation a day, when I am very sure that the outcome will be positive. With this single operation I can earn between 70$ and 88$. Which means potentially between 700$ and 888$ in 10 days, with only 100$. Shouldn’t the broker be “worried” about that? After all they would have to pay me everyday. What would be the best thing to do in that case? Withdrawing every single day the 70$? Or you wouldn’t risk nothing by withdrawing a bigger amount once every 10 days or even once a month? The risk I’m talking about is having your funds blocked on their platform and your account even being closed (this is what I read in a few bad reviews about some brokers).
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If there are more then two gender options, wouldn’t the gender concept no longer be binary?

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can anyone suggest some good binary option discord servers/groups?

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How I got my money back from a binary options scammer

The binary options scam has become a huge problem, but thankfully there are ways to get your money back.
If you think you've been scammed by a broker, or if you want to know more about how to spot the signs of a fraudulent broker, check out our guide to spotting fake brokers.
If you're looking for an easier and the most effective way to get back the money you lost from a binary options scam, one option is to use a chargeback specialist. These professionals have years of experience dealing with binary options scams and will help you recover any funds that have been stolen from your account.
Chargeback specialists are able to take on cases where most other companies would refuse on principle alone because they don't want to deal with the hassle or risk involved with investigating these types of cases. Chargebacks are usually successful when they're done correctly, but they can be difficult and time-consuming if not handled by someone who knows what they're doing.
It is also possible that your credit card company may refuse to issue a chargeback because of how the transaction was processed (you might've used Bitcoin, for example). In that case, Cryptocurrency Chargeback specialists are able to take on cases that most credit companies would refuse to acknowledge.
If you've been scammed by a binary options scam, you may be able to get your money back. But it's still important to act quickly!
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Ways to Recover Defrauded Bitcoin, Money Lost to Binary Option Forex

In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of cryptocurrency scams (especially bitcoin scams), binary options scams, and forex scams. There are many fake cryptocurrency trading websites as well as fake binary options and forex brokers. Many traders have lost money to this bitcoin cryptocurrency and binary options forex trading scams (still losing).
Do you need help; Report a bitcoin scammer to get stolen bitcoin, recover defrauded bitcoin, get crypto back? There are two ways to get your lost money back. You can follow a number of fund recovery processes as a way to get money back from a bitcoin scammer. Or you can hire a bitcoin recovery specialist or fund recovery specialist to help recover money lost for binary options forex and Recover scammed bitcoin cryptocurrency worth $50,000 or more by filing a report with BrokerComplaintAlert.
How to Recover Scammed Bitcoin Using DIY
Have you caught Bitcoin in a scam? Recover the defrauded or stolen bitcoin cryptocurrency yourself by following these 4 DIY steps below;
A.) Contact the Fake Crypto Trading Platform: You will need to contact the trading platform that scammed you and stole your bitcoin cryptocurrency. To let them know that if they do not return your money, you will notify the relevant financial authorities. This does not necessarily guarantee that they will give your money back, but it is definitely a step in the right direction. Because when you act, your efforts can be repaid.
B.) Report to relevant Financial Authorities: Either you suspect you may be, or you know you are a victim of trade fraud, and you are doing everything you can to get justice. Perhaps you have already filed a lawsuit with a scam recovery company like ours, but you want to make sure that other investors do not make the same mistake. When making your complaint, be sure to provide as much information as possible.
C.) Get Help Online: If you want to get your money back, you can ask yourself the following questions; Have I exhausted all options to get my money back? If it was a million dollars, would I give up? Try to make your story heard and ask for help online the way you want. For example, post the broker's name on Reddit, Quora or Facebook, or social media to see if anyone else has information about this company or if there are any clues as to how to get your money back. This can also help prevent others from digging holes in their bank accounts or credit card.
D.) Inform Your Crypto Wallet Provider: Contact your Bitcoin wallet or crypto wallet and let them know that the company you paid for is a scam and refuses to give your money back. This will raise awareness and ultimately compromise any scam's relationship with the crypto wallet, which can help prevent others from being scammed.
Hire a Bitcoin Recovery Expert to Recover Defrauded Bitcoin
The other option would be to hire a bitcoin recovery specialist to recover the defrauded bitcoin. A bitcoin recovery expert can track bitcoin transactions and also investigate and implement all necessary technical processes to recover funds lost to bitcoin investment fraud and other high-level digital currency scams.
It provides you with the best and largest crypto recovery/recovery solution by using the service of a bitcoin recovery expert to recover defrauded bitcoin, providing you with the potential to recover billions of dollars of abused cryptocurrency effectively and legally.
Before that, there was no effective end-to-end solution in the public market to track the rights of victims of cryptocurrency-related fraud. The early-stage, cross-border character, scale, and new technological complexity of blockchain hampered the efforts of victims and law enforcement. A bitcoin recovery expert can use a combination of purpose-made technology, operational processes, experience, and capabilities to effectively recover defrauded or stolen bitcoin and other misused virtual assets.
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BNB/USD Binary Options?

does anyone know a binary options site where they have BNB/USD?
Binance Coin / USD
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Which surgeons offer non-binary options for vaginoplasty?

I'm 25 MTF. I've been considering surgery for a little while now and I'd like to collect more info. I want to know more about nonstandard surgeries but I don't exactly want penile-preserving vaginoplasty. My ideal results would resemble what a vagina would look like with the effects of testosterone, similar to transmasculine genitalia.
Do any surgeons offer something like this? I think I heard that Dr Min Jun did a surgery like this. If anyone has gotten a similar procedure and would like to share any info I would appreciate it.
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Binary Options Trading Ninja: The Bandit Strategy

Binary Options Trading Ninja: The Bandit Strategy submitted by smartybrome to udemyfreebies [link] [comments]

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